Consistent Business audit

The main goals of a business audit are to assess the efficiency and results of the use of the company’s available resources. One of the final parts of a business audit is the conclusion, which presents both the positive and flawed areas of the company’s performance. Another part of an audit is specific suggestions and recommendations based on which a company could achieve efficiency and stability in its activities as well as stand out from other market participants.

During business audit, the company’s following characteristics are assessed:

  • Business administration
  • Business strategy implementation
  • The legal part 
  • Financial status
  • Performance of activity in accordance with approved budget
  • Performance strategy and its implementation
  • Organizational structure of management
  • Employee positions and their allocation in a company
  • Work, data security audits
  • IT infrastructure and software
  • Marketing
  • Methodology for calculating the developed product’s costs
  • Pricing of developed product
  • Commercial conditions of suppliers and buyers
  • Available market analysis

After conducting the audit and presenting our conclusions and proposals, we will continue to be your partners. We will follow and support you in all stages of proposal implementation.

The true intent of an audit is to take an honest and straightforward look at the current situation and to continue a consistent implementation of the presented proposals.

Elements of business

Business administration audit

The legal part audit

Organizational management structure audit

Work, data security audits

Marketing auditas

Strategy audit

Financial status audit

Staff audit

IT infrastructure audit

Commercial activity audit

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